COVID-19: The Gimmicks of NCDC Plc


COVID-19: Between the Sickness and the Business (The Gimmicks of NCDC Plc)

By Stanley Ajileye

The 2019 Model/Edition of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is real and it may have come to stay, as predicted by my General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye during the first week of this endemic.

The truth is however that, in the midst of this reality, is a subtle magnification of the potency of the disease for financial gain of some.
My mission here is not to delve into macro analysis of the political economy of Covid-19, on this, I retain my stand with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, whose exposition about the disease being an alibi, created to cover-up the potential danger of the 5G Telecom invention, is being confirmed in latest developments.

My mission here is to examine the roles of the “Brother Jeros” committee called Naotiinal Commission for Disease Control (NCDC Plc).
One has continued to wonder at the contradiction that exist between the overwhelming campaign on the dreadfulness of the disease and the care-free attitude of NCDC when it comes to the aggregate sincerity in the actual management of the confirmed cases.

We have heard tales of woe from various commoners on isolation across the country; where they are served ‘Vitamin C’ as immune booster and nothing more. Some of them who are not as lucky, are made to call their people to buy them vitamin c or even paracetamol from home. We are all living witnesses to the protest from one of the isolation centres in the northern part of this country, where they matched out of isolation because of high level starvation.

Why is NCDC so bent on isolation of people, when they can as well remain at home and take vitamin C and several other medications that have proved relative success.

The truth is that, thousands of households may have contracted COVID-19 and got rid of it locally without NCDC knowing about it.

Honestly, with everything one have read about Covid-19, the pandemic (or endemic as we may soon discover) is not as sturbbon as Malaria or Typhoid fever which Nigerian has put under reasonable control.

Nigeria will not gain control over Covid-19, if our Brother Jeros at NCDC is allowed to continue on this smooth ride. They love to exaggerate the might of the pandemic, in orde to continue to enjoy financial patronage from donors.

One question that is begging for answer, is why NCDC is so secretive about the available medications? Why is the committee playing the cards so close to its chests?

If patients of Tuberculosis are not on isolation, if they can be treated in our local clinics, why not Covid-19?

Majority of people who were alleged to have died of Covid-19 today, may have been killed by other ailments they were managing, which our isolation centres were not concerned with. If such people still had access to their doctors, who are familiar with their medical history, they may live.

Now the whole economy of Nigeria is in convulsion while the ministry of Brother Jero is flourishing: Both international and local donors including churches and other corporate bodies, are falling on one another in palliative contest, yet, only our Brother Jeros are smiling to the banks.

For instance, there is this grapevine report making the rounds on social media. I have tried without success at confirming the veracity of the report that the nation within the first two weeks of the pandemic spent N100 billion on palliatives. I am sure no government official will say this. The total population of Nigeria is about 200 million. Everybody knows that the ridiculous palliatives were scattered around few places in selected cities; with some households in Lagos getting as little as a single sachet of tomato and less than 1kg measure of rice.

How such a huge figure of N100 billion came to be, remains a big question.

With Covid-19, it is business as usual for our Brother Jeros. While the nation was on lockdown, the bank accounts of our Jeros were ajar- the principal purpose for the unnecessary quarantine.

Their devious plan blindfolded them to the extent of inserting into the maiden Presidential broadcast, such clause as the continuation of “school feeding system” during the lockdown when no school is open. It is business as usual.

To come out straight, NCDC may not in the real sense of its operation, be anything more than a business outfit of some few individuals, decorated with togas of life-savers.

By their operations, safety of lives is the last thing on their mind. That explains why they hardly respond to distress calls from individuals that manifest symptoms of Covid-19. In most cases, the call lines were either non-functional or deactivated.

Their operations are secretive and underlaid with unpardonable lies. While the whole nations were forced to stay in door, the flew in Chinese Engineers to install 5G on our streets under pretexts that the men are health workers sent from China to assist us in the fight against Covid-19. I challenge top official of Federal government to come out and tell Nigerian that the whole lockdown foisted on Nigerians was not a conspiracy designed to satisfy the business interest of their foreign partners.

This is why I will give kudos to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State and his Cross River State counterpart. Both have successfully demystified the pandemic and the lies of NCDC is exposed.

This of course is the first thing that makes me a proud citizen of Kogi State in the last four years.

That Kogi is totally free of Covid-19 today, is a sure proof that NCDC is the agent and distributor of Covid-19. Their lies will not be hidden for too long. The dew has come and the house they built with spittle will soon crumble.

Stanley Ajileye writes from Lokoja, Kogi State


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