Don’t pitch Ibadan against Makinde, stakeholders warn Mogaji Ladoja


Some stakeholders in Ibadanland including Chiefs, Baales, Mogajis and prominent sons and daughters of the ancient city hac knocked Mogaji Wale Ladoja for trying to pitch Ibadan people against Governor Seyi Makinde.

The stakeholders warned Mogaji Ladoja to stop fanning disunity between Ibadan and Makinde, saying his antics to cause disunity between them and the governor will not materialise.

They said Mogaji Ladoja’s antecedent in Ibadanland is nothing to write home about, stating that one of the results for his handi-work was his suspension as Mogaji over his alleged involvement in land grabbing and all sorts of misdeed capable of causing disrepute to Ibadan traditional Institution.

Recall that Mogaji Ladoja was said to have described as unfair and act of paying good with evil as demonstrated with inability to recognize the goodwill and all efforts made by Governor Makinde towards development of Ibadanland and most especially, completion of Olubadan’s palace.

Mogaji Ladoja was quoted saying one can now wonder why Makinde who has contributed to such magnitude was denied honour by his dear own people

Mogaji Ladoja also challenged roles being played by CCII, saying they shouldn’t be all about partying and merry making but be a check on activities that can assist in the development of Ibadanland.

Mogaji Wale Ladoja also accused Oba Hamidu Ajibade of playing double standards by being so close to Governor Seyi Makinde and at the same time working against the interest of Governor Makinde, saying most of the problems confronting the culture and tradition can be traced to over ambition of Oba Hamidu Ajibade and his eye service.

But a statement by President of Ibadan Mogajis, Mogadishu Asimiyu Ariori and Coordinator of Ibadan Compound Peace Initiative, stated that nobody can cause division between them and Makinde, saying the love Ibadan people have for Seyi Makinde is unquantifiable which makes them to voted for him massively during the election period.

According to the statement, Ibadan wouldn’t have voted overwhelming for Makinde during the election if they dont love him, adding that Makinde won in all the eleven local government in Ibadanland.

“The votes Makinde gathered in Ibadanland only during the last election was even enough for him to win the election without any figure from other part of the State.

“Ibadan has recommended several Chieftaincy titles for the governor but he is probably waiting for the right time. Intact, the plan is to make the Governor the first Person to be conferred with a chieftaincy title at the newly commissioned Olubadan Palace. Wale Ladoja should keep quiet on issues he knows nothing about and he should stop creating confusion.

“Ibadan has been a friend of Makinde and he also remain a proudly son of Ibadanland.

“It is not for Wale Ladoja to be using divisive against the traditional institution in Ibadanland, CCII and His Royal Majesty, Oba Amidu Ajibade, he should desist from the act.”

Mogaji Wale Ladoja is allegedly notable for always feat in the acts of confusion and disunity (Arije ni idi modaru). He is advised to change his way and live a respected life as a decent Mogaji Ibadan.


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