Ibadan Fuji Star, Taye Currency Sympathizes With Entertainment Industry Over Lose of Sisi Quadri


Ibadan-born Fuji artist, Alhaji Taye Akande Adebisi has expressed his sadness over the death of popular Nollywood actor, Oyebamiji Tolani Quadri popularly known as ‘Sisi Quadri.


The death of Sisi Quadri was first made known on Friday by his colleague, Tunde Olayusuf, who via his Instagram page, shared a photo of him as he announced the sad news. He noted how everything in the world is according to the will of Allah and as we come from Him, so shall we return to Him. He prayed for God to rest his soul.

Taye Currency in his reaction on his social media handle page, described the passage of the comic actor as sudden and heartbroken, he thereafter sympathized with the Nigerian entertainment industry, said Oyebamiji Tolani Quadri popularly known as ‘Sisi Quadri’s role will be greatly missed.

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, the entertainment industry has lost a great actor again.


“In his lifetime, Sisi Quadri is known to be one of the best in his roles. Very active, committed, and funny. Unfortunately he died in his prime time. It will be hard to replace him.


“I commensurate with his family, friends, and entertainment industry over the loss of Sisi Quadri. I pray to Almighty Allah to give all the fortitude to bear the loss.” He said.


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