Emasculation of Nigerian women and the effect on feminine roles | Temitope A. Sule Akinsemoyin


The adoption of Social Media as a medium of vocal therapy was a major turning point in the mental liberation of the Nigerian Woman.


In a society that previously did not Value the Girl Child and women in general (thankfully the narrative is changing), women were particularly segregated and the lack of access to quality education was a significant barrier to social and economic participation.


The wide spread of the internet has had a world-changing effect, not only in the world of education but also giving the Nigerian Women a voice to express injustice and Socio-Economic problems.


The idea of women liberation or in “bastardized term “ – Feminism, which is not entirely new, but existing forms on sighted systems were difficult to express and understand in the time past.


Women are Still subjected to Submission in Marriage and even in the Nigerian society as a whole.


Women have unique and special qualities that men do not have and can’t take on.


Our feminine roles as builders have been subjected to the role of modern day slavery in the society – Most especially, marriage.


Builders are engineers, lawyers, bankers, doctors, writers, dancers, and content creators.


Builders are also Ministers, Judges, Governors and Even Presidents.


Women are not only builders at home or in marriage.


A woman’s place is not in the kitchen and bedroom. Anyone can cook, it is a basic human survival skill everyone should learn.


While on the other hand we all have unique attributes as humans. Masculine and feminine roles are based off more on physical than intellectual attributes.


Women shouldn’t be emasculated by the thought of parents, males and society.


The feminine role should only be brought up when a woman becomes a mother either by her own choice (i.e adoption) or by procreation.


The masculine role should be only be a thing when it comes to the physical strength and capacity. Nothing more or less!


We are all made to function differently. We are all first humans.


The continuous subjugation of the girl child who will eventually become a woman tomorrow to certain roles and capacity because she is a woman will continue to affect the growth of the society and the possible benefits of allowing women to be humans and not been subjected because of her gender.


We should borrow a leaf from our counterparts in other African countries.  For example, Rwanda where 61.25% women run the government, most the business and industries.


We can’t get it in one day but the first start is to continuously invest in the education and encourage the girl child by actively involving more women in the government and society and also supporting more women professionals, business owners and CEOs who the society and the young girl child can look up to as great examples and feminine role models.


Temitope Adeola Sule Akinsemoyin is a Medical practional, entrepreneur, content and technical writer who advocates for good governance, education and business policies.


  1. Women have gotten to a stage where they can no longer be put on hold, pressed down, shut down or shut up! They are taking center stages anywhere and everywhere they go!!!
    Gone are those days when some people says “Women are to be seen and not to be heard”🙄 really???! Everywhere you look this days, women are making waves! (In business, industries, religion and especially in politics)! They make life changing decisions everyday 🤷‍♀️
    They are evolving✌️✌️✌️✌️

  2. Mahma this write-up up again proves the validation attached to women and that wewomen are not only builders at home but in every sector ; in every profession and the society should not capitalize on the procreation value of women alone; but also see us as humans that have the liberty to function in other aspect of life.
    We shouldn’t be disregarded for dreaming and achieving more ; we are firstly humans as you have rightful said Mahma😇

    Thank you so much for this wonderful piece; it strengthens the values I as a student ,girl child believes in becoming a force and a professional in my field. And being a Woman; even gives me an edge to achieve my goals


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