Foundation Empowers Youths On Data Science Skills


Adeniji Foundation for Statistical Science (AFSS) has trained youths on a data science and statistical skills. The founder of the foundation, Dr. Abidemi Adeniyi, urged the youths to use the skills to address the trifecta of the lack of Technology, Infrastructure and Education in the nation.


He made this call at the graduation ceremony held at the foundation’s office, besides Ibadan Business School, Bodija, Ibadan.


Addressing the humanitarian crisis of youth exodus to foreign lands, Dr. Adeniyi noted that the foundation was conceived on the spirit of service.


He said, “We have provided the Technology, Infrastructure, and Education so that our youth may eventually, significantly, and purposefully contribute to the economy of this land rather than electing to Japa!”


The keynote speaker, Dr. Omoyajowo Bamidele, noted the importance of statistical science in extracting meaning from vast amounts of information.


He encouraged the graduates to recognize their role not just in post-analysis but in shaping experiments and decisions that define the future.


Dr. Bamidele emphasized the societal impact of statistical science, stating, “Your statistical expertise will be a guiding light, telling compelling narratives through data that can influence policies, shape industries, and impact lives.”


He charged the graduates to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity, recognizing the human experiences behind every data point and reminded them of the collaborative spirit that defined their time at the foundation.


He encouraged them to embrace challenges with resilience, make statistics accessible to all and work in diverse teams.


Bamidele urged them to carry the torch of statistical science with pride, illuminating the path for others.


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