Iyaloja-General: Discrimination against Konibaje won’t materialise – CCII (PHOTOS)


The Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII) has said discriminatory statements against Ibadanland over the tussle of the post of Iyaloja-General of Oyo State would not materialised.

They said the body stand by merit, competence, due process and level playing ground for all contenders.

CCII said as a peace loving socio cultural organisation, it had played a neutral role by interacting with the two contenders with a view to ensuring that peace reigns in Ibadanland, Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole.

A statement by CCII President-general, Barr. Niyi Ajewole, stated that CCII would not close its eyes, while some people are fanning the ember of animosity that would disrupt the pleasant atmosphere of peace that Ibadan and Oyo State is enjoying.

CCII condemned discriminatory statement against Ibadanland by Folashade Abeo, saying Ibadan liberalism should not be take for granted and Ibadan indigienes would not fold their hand while some people, out of undue envy, hatred and desperate lust for power gang up to discriminate, intimidate and wage war against its own daughter, Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje.

Abeo in a statement said, “Oyo state belongs to all zones in the state, so, it would be fair, just, and equitable if another zone is allowed to produce the state’s Iyaloja general, given that the Oyo state government has formally recognised Mr. Y.K. Abass as the Babaloja General, who is from Ibadan.”

But CCII maintained that an Ibadan man is the Babaloja of Oyo State doesn’t preclude an Ibadan daughter from becoming Iyaloja of Oyo State if Konibaje is eligible, qualified, accepted and the emergence followed the due process.

“If indigenes from the same town or city of Oyo State emerged as Babaloja and Iyaloja of Oyo State, so be it. Ibadan people will not have any cause to oppose it, in as much as it is based on merit and the due process clearly followed.”

The statement reads, “Our attention has been drawn to the raging disagreement amongst the traders and artisans in Oyo State generally, concerning the issue of Iyaloja in General of Oyo State, by our understanding, the tussle is between two contenders, namely, Alhaja (Princess) Azeezat Folashade Nurudeen and Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje.

“Observably, the tussle is causing ripples amongst the traders and artisans, in a way that is degenerating to the extent that it had led to divisions, with each of the contenders having factions.

“The particular aspect of the tussle that is giving the Central Council Of Ibadan Indigenes concern is the unhealthy and despicable sentiment being introduced to the matter, whereby, members of a faction is hinging their opposition against one of the contenders, namely Alhaja Saratu Aduke Konibaje on the fact that, she is an indigene of Ibadan, to this, we take very serious, exception, that discrimination is very invidious, insulting and inflammatory.

“The generality of the Central Council Of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), the voice of Ibadan sons and daughters worldwide wish to say emphatically and unequivocally, that, it is incontrovertible, that, Ibadan people are the most liberal, accommodating and hospitable in Western Nigeria, if not in Nigeria as a whole.

“The humongous size of Ibadan City notwithstanding, the indigenes have not been using it to intimidate anyone in whatever from, liberalism of Ibadan people is notable in many ways: Massive and indiscriminate selling of land to none indigenes.

“Except for traditional titles, Ibadan people do not care, who holds what office, in as much the person doesn’t do anything to bring the integrity of Ibadan to disrepute.

“None indigenes had held and still holding political offices in Ibadanland to the posts as high as the office of Local Government Chairman. No town or city in Oyo State has such magnanimous record.

“In professional and other groups, none Ibadan indigenes are conveniently holding positions of leadership without unwarranted antagonism, from any quarters such is the generous liberalism of Ibadan and her people.

“In view of the foregoing, we enjoin all parties involved to allow peace to reign and let the government decide on the matter as may be necessary, we humbly call on government to fairly intervene, no discrimination, based on envious and hateful sentiment would be accepted”.

Recall, as it’s in the public domain that, following the intervention of the state government, Abeo and Konibaje was subjected to election supervised by the State government, seven blocks supported Konibaje while the remaining two supported Abeo.

It was said that the late Alaafin of Oyo chose Abeo as the Iyaloja-General, saying no monarch has power to choose market leader, noting that it is only the market men and women that are at liberty to choose their leaders.

They added that it was the reason why Olubadan of Ibadanland chose Alhaji Yekini Abass as the Babaloja-General of Oyo state, Abass still have to go into election, through the due process and won before government gave approval

However, they said Governor Seyi Makinde, who is a peace loving governor should as a matter of urgency do the needful by ratified the product of due process election before this issue generate to crisis.


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