Group seeks Makinde’s intervention over staffing of workers at Ibadan Polytechnic


A group, Equal Right for Oyo Workers (EROW) has sought urgent intervention of Governor Seyi Makinde over alleged denial of some workers at The Polytechnic, Ibadan (Teaching Assistants) from becoming regular staff of the institution after working for several years without being staffed.

They said the outgoing management of the institution, together with some alleged unscrupulous elements in the government have perfected plans to bring in some workers who have not even spent up to three months in the institution as Teaching Assistants at the expense of those that have worked for many years in the institution without been considered as staff.

A statement by the chairman of the group, Mutiu Ogunlade lamented that if such decision is allowed to materialise, the institution might lose its experience workers who have contributed to the success stories of the institution over the years.

According to him, some of the denied workers have spent between ten to twenty years in the institution without being staffed but remain focused that they would be considered for permanent employment one day.

He said quick intervention of governor Makinde becomes necessary to save the institution, which according to him is the foremost Polytechnic in Nigeria from losing its best brains.

He stated that the governor should call the outgoing management to order about their decision, adding that all hands must be on deck to save the institution from losing its position as one of the best Polytechnics in Nigeria.

The statement said, “We didn’t say there shouldn’t be confirmation of workers, but it should not be from this outgoing management, they should wait for another management to do the needful as fresh hands will be able to access things critically with unbias mind.”

“The outgoing management in the institution has compromised with some unscrupulous people in government neglecting these workers and staff those who haven’t even spent up to one year in the system at the expense of people who have spent many years in the institution.

“In the fast-paced world of academia, experience plays a crucial role in shaping the quality of education and administrative decisions. This has sparked a heated discussions among faculty, departmental members and students.

“We express concerns about the potential dangers of overlooking the wealth of experience and knowledge that these denied workers can bring. Even if you are floating new departments, it should not be used as an opportunity to bring in their cronies at the expense of experienced teaching assistants who have been working for the Institution and collecting peanuts as wages for years.

“Seasoned staff member possesses a deep understanding of the institution’s history, policies, and dynamics, which can be invaluable in making informed decisions and maintaining institutional continuity.

“The experienced staff member enables them to navigate complex situations, anticipate challenges, and provide guidance to colleagues and students.

“The denied workers have likely built strong relationships with students, faculty, and stakeholders over the years. These relationships foster trust and facilitate effective communication, which is crucial for the smooth functioning of the Polytechnic Ibadan.”


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