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IDPM VP Suggests Effective Data Management Process As Solution To Terrorism, Criminality

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The newly inducted Vice President of the Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM), Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku has suggested the deploying of analytic programs to combat crimes to all tiers of government in Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists on Saturday at CMD, Shagisha, Lagos where he was inducted along with Alhaji Adamu Garba, the new President of IDPM, he advised security agencies in Nigeria to partner IDPM for effective crime control and eradication of terrorism.

“The only way Nigeria government can succeed in her war against terrorism and criminality is to adopt the use of effective data processing management. Method of combating crime has changed and two major changes noticed are

“Government at all levels, as well as security agencies must recognize the benefits of data collection and improve use of information to combat crime, and know that technology advancements would play a huge role to improve the security of our communities.

Ajanaku argued further that “technology innovations complement strategies to improve community relationship for four reasons:

“Extending the reach of police in the field through the use of video surveillance, shot spotters and license plate detection technologies.
More effectively deploying resources based on data analytics.
Increasing the speed and accuracy of core reporting functions, such as report preparation and evidence handling.
Improving the effectiveness of investigations by giving officers access to a broader array of integrated, actionable intelligence needed to solve crimes”, he stated.
“With technology advancements, policy officers can work more directly in their communities, and be empowered by data. They can gain more situational awareness, understand a crisis as it unfolds, and take preventive steps to counter crime, even before it happens”, Ajanaku added.

Other personalities at the programme are, the Immediate Past President Barrister (Dr). Obiefule M. Ogbinna (FIDPM); Registrar/Secretary to the Council Chief (Lion) E.O.Mosindi (FIDPM); Member of Governing Council, Dr. YAHAYA SHUABU; Director of Finance, CHARLES O. Mokwenye (FIDPM); Head of Project Management, Engr. Yemi Afriogun (FIDPM); National Liaison Officer & Head Workshop, Mr. Segun Nelson (MIDPM); Head Tertiary Institution & Intergovernment Relation, Dr Tolani Hassan (MIDPM); Head Monitoring & Implementation, Mr. kehinde Awolola (FIDPM); Head Media & Publicity, Mr. Amos Kadaolu, MIDPM; Head Engr. & Technology, Mr Kayode Akinwande; Head Corporate Affairs, Mr. Adesuyi John (MIDPM); Head Centership & Services, Mr. Olufowobi John (MIDPM); Regional Head, Mr. Gbenga Rosanwo (MIDPM); Liaison Officer, Mr. Seun Oresanya (AIDPM); Lagos Liaison Officer, Ms. Imota Faithful Ukeni (MIDPM); Laision Officer, Mr. Segun Filani (AIDPM).

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