Kopek says Moniya-Iseyin road ready in January


By Adams Akorede

Kopek Construction Company, the contractor handling the reconstruction of 65km Moniya-Iseyin road, in Oyo State has said that the road would be ready for commissioning in January, 2021.

The leading firm told journalists who were on the spot assessment of the road on Wednesday that it was ready to deliver in accordance with the Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME) in line with the contractual agreement signed with the State Government.

Kopek also said it would not compromise quality and standard to get the job done.

It assured that it would also maintain the road 12 months after its commissioning to ensure its durability.

Addressing journalists during an inspection tour of the road project, the Project Manager, Engr. Paul Chamoun assured that despite COVID-19 impact and the unfavorable weather due to rains, work was progressing at the project site.

He maintained that the project which was awarded in January,  2020 is billed for completion in twelve months without compromising its quality.

Reacting to the effects of┬áCOVID-19┬áon the ongoing road project, Chamoun lamented,┬á“‘truly, COVID-19┬ádeadly pandemic has disturbed our planning for sure just like everybody in all the world. 4-5 weeks that we stopped, the problem was that it was in the dry season, so if you want to count it per day (5weeks), we say its only like 40days. But, 40 days or 30 days in dry season, its not like the 40 days in the rainy season; because what we can achieve in 40 days that we stopped, you can consider it as 2 months during the rainy season.

“You know we cannot work everyday with the same pace of work that will be achieved on a daily basis ┬áas planned because of the rain. And, as everybody knows, we are concern with the quality, we are not going to compromise with the quality. So, if there is rain and there are some jobs or activities that cannot be done because it will affect the quality, we will not do it.

“Before COVID-19, ┬ámy target was to finish as planned, ┬ábased on that, we have mobilised. With this our plan, we will finish in twelve months. You know that the job is 65km, it is not a small job at all. ┬áCOVID-19┬ácame, it was unplanned and unexpected, we have lost more than one month and after that, the rainy season, who knows later on what will happen? Now, I have doubled my efforts to compensate the days that were lost”.

He continued, “you know the percentage can be varied. If you want to take it as money or you want to take it as completion of works because there are some items ┬áthat will take too much time like the concretes. It is less in money than the asphalt.

“The asphalt is very fast and the money is more. We are working on items that will take time and the other one will be more easy for us.┬áNow, we are at 38% of completion of works and by God’s grace, we will reach 40% next week (July Ending)”.

The Project Manager, however informed that Kopek will be responsible for the maintenance of the road, at least for twelve months, after commissioning.

“God forbid, if something happen, it will show on the road, during this one year of maintenance, and we will fix it. Almost six months of rainy season, six months of dry season, all the possible cars and transport will pass on this road. As everybody knows, Kopek will not compromise with the quality. At the end of the day, we are taking care of the maintenance for one year, so its not nice to compromise now and repeat the job again”, he explained.


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