Nigerian Writer Seeks More Respect for Journalists


Mogaji Wole Arisekola, a prominent Nigerian writer, has called for increase recognition and respect for journalists in Nigeria.

Arisekola stated the prevailing stigma that is solely measured by material possessions, leading politicians and public officials to belittle journalists and dismiss their contributions.

Arisekola who is the publisher of, having witnessed firsthand disrespectful treatment of journalists by those in power, expresses his disappointment and frustrations.

He believes that incidents like these make it difficult to trust certain figures in positions of authority.


He said, “Despite the arrogance journalists face, they remain resolute, understanding that genuine success cannot be defined by the standards set by these individuals. Arisekola emphasizes that journalists are not poor; rather, they are role models who deserve respect within society, beyond what these self-proclaimed elites realize.

One incident Arisekola highlighted occurred last year when a newly appointed political figure staying at the same hotel as a group of journalists arrogantly demanded to know the whereabouts of a journalist he had summoned. After waiting for over three hours, the journalist respectfully responded, only to be callously dismissed by the political appointee.

“This incident is not isolated, as many political leaders and public officials have displayed similar disrespectful behavior. As a result, journalists are cautious about engaging with these naive office holders”. He said.

Arisekola firmly states that journalist like him, for example, does not seek personal gain through proposals for contracts from South West governors. He believes that the success some political leaders attempt to achieve through corruption is effortlessly bestowed upon certain journalists. Arisekola mentions that the children of journalists have even attended prestigious universities such as Harvard and Oxford, countering the belief held by some politicians that journalists are poor.

He noted that journalists own properties in Europe long before these politicians, emphasizing that journalists simply adhere to a different lifestyle. He argues that the contributions of journalists to society deserve much more respect than aspiring politicians and public officials currently give them credit for.

In his conclusion, Arisekola urges the public to value and respect the contributions of journalists, highlighting their importance in society.

●Mogaji Wole Arisekola is a writer based in Ibadan.


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