Young African Women Congress Network Nigeria Chapter Hosts Summit On Women’s Economic Empowerment


In a bid to foster economic empowerment and advancement for women in Nigeria, the Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network Nigeria Chapter has held its annual National Summit themed “Positioning Women for Economic Takeoff in the 21st Century” on Saturday April 6, 2024, at the grand Marriott Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

The summit, spearheaded by Dr. Eunice Emmanuel, the National President of the organization, aimed to shed light on the organization’s objectives centered around women’s development.

Dr. Emmanuel emphasized the crucial role women play in propelling economic growth and development, stating, “We acknowledge the pivotal role that women play in driving economic growth and development. We understand that by unlocking the full potential of our women, we unlock the potential of our continent.”

Distinguished speakers at the event included Dr. Idahosa Osamhanze, Vice President of the Africa Development Studies Centre (ADSC); Ezekiel Solesi, Serial Entrepreneur and Author; and Elizabeth Adetutu Oyesonya, Executive Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government. Panel speakers comprised Eng. Joy Obi, the first female Mercedes Benz engineer in Nigeria; Emmanuel Abuhson, Executive Director of the Pan-African Institute of Agribusiness Management; Madam Funke Kehinde, CEO of Brilliant Concept; Dr Temitope Sule Akinsemoyin, Founder of Stanchion TM Consult NG; Barrister Jumoke Awe; and Dr. Yvovve Endam.

Speakers and panelists underscored the indispensable role of women in nation-building and advocated for their empowerment to foster a more prosperous nation. Ezekiel Solesi urged women to dream big and emphasized the necessity of crafting strategies for financial growth. Funke Kehinde stressed the importance of training and urged women to seize opportunities by being visible and proactive. Emmanuel Abuhson highlighted the strength of women in society, urging them to make their voices heard and relevant. Dr Temitope Sule Akinsemoyin encouraged women who are in business to advocate for government policies that are favourable to their business.
The program also provided participants with networking opportunities and avenues to explore schemes promoting women entrepreneurship. Funke Kehinde and Eng. Joy Obi offered free training enrollment opportunities to participants, further encouraging women to seize opportunities for growth.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Eunice Emmanuel encouraged women to leverage the opportunities around them, emphasizing their innate ability to be natural multipliers in society. The summit concluded with a renewed commitment to advancing the economic status of women in Nigeria.

The Young African Women Congress (YAWC) Network is a fraternity of young women of African descent living in Africa and the diaspora who seek to be empowered and be themselves, changemakers for leadership and development on the continent. Membership of the Network is segmented by Chapters based on country demarcations. However, there is a common goal which involves grassroots mobilisation of women for leadership and development through advocacy, training and projects. The Headquarters of the Network is in Accra- Ghana and there are currently eight operational Chapters on the continent namely, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya.


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