Olalekan Taoreed Lawal: A Visionary Leader Giving Back to His People


In the heart of southwest Nigeria lies Oyo State, a land steeped in the rich history of the Yoruba people. Over the centuries, empires have risen and fallen, leaving behind tales of legends that have been forgotten over time. However, one man has emerged as a beacon of wisdom, compassion, and cultural preservation, reminding his people of their ancient heritage. Meet Olalekan Taoreed Lawal, a descendant of Olubadan Abass Okunola Aleshinloye, the first Olubadan of Ibadanland.

Born and raised in Ibadan, Taoreed received his early education at the Ise-Oluwa Montessori School. As a young man hungry for knowledge, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery to the United Kingdom. Recognizing the power of education, he earned a BSc in Information Systems from the University of Bedfordshire, followed by an MSc in Project Management from Anglia Ruskin University.


He also obtained various certifications, including in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard University and in Business, International Relations, & Political Economy from the London School of Economics & Political Sciences.

While in the UK, Taoreed honed his technical skills and developed a passion for social work. He held positions at Just It as a Senior Support Worker and Network Rail as a Project Engineer. Eventually, he became a Director at Burgeon Allied Limited. However, his desire to give back to his people grew stronger, prompting him to return to his homeland.

Proud of his heritage and with a clear vision for Ibadan and the Yoruba people, Taoreed became a true hero in the eyes of his community. Understanding their needs and challenges, he founded the Taoreed Lawal Foundation, one of Nigeria’s most impactful charitable organizations. This foundation runs several humanitarian and social development programs, including a food bank, an empowerment initiative for widows and the less privileged, a back-to-school campaign and support for market women.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Taoreed also established and expanded the Tao Group of Companies. As the Group Chairman, he guides the strategy of multiple enterprises operating in diverse sectors, such as real estate, agriculture, marketing, and import-export. Some notable subsidiaries of the multi-million dollar group include Tao Integrated Farms, renowned for its frozen food products, and Burgeon Farms Agro Industries, promoting Nigerian agriculture. Other subsidiaries include Tao Global Construction & Projects, a construction contracts management company, and Tao Communications, a rapidly growing advertising agency.

Taoreed’s exceptional service to the community and accomplishments as a business conglomerate owner have garnered him regional and international recognition. Both he and the companies under the Tao Group have received numerous awards for their performance and bottom-line results.

But to Taoreed, these accolades are just the beginning. He envisions doing even greater work and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Active on social media, he welcomes conversations with individuals who have productive ideas.

To connect with Taoreed, visit his Facebook and Instagram profiles.


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