Potable water may become unaffordable for downtrodden Nigerians over high cost of borehole drilling – Ale


The Co-founder of Global Initiative for Nigeria Development (GIND), Engr. Michael Ale has decried the increasing cost of borehole drilling in the country.


The development expert who described the current free fall of Naira currency as cause for the increasing high cost of drilling boreholes fear that potable water may soon not be affordable to the downtrodden Nigerians.


According to him, borehole is the most affordable and accessible clean underground water for Nigerians as clean surface water are no longer available to people in the country.


After list of Ministers Designate by President Bola Tinubu was released Wednesday evening, Ale congratulated Joseph Utsve, the new Minister for water resources and sanitation.


He enjoined the new Minister for Water resources and Sanitation Joseph Utsve to show administrative skill in managing this ministry which has the life wire of livelihood.

Ale, who is also the President of Association of Waterwell Drilling Rig Owners and Practitioners (AWDROP) on Wednesday while speaking in Ekiti, called for the government’s intervention to tackle the present menace before Nigerians start drinking from dirty source of water which may result to waterborne diseases.

Ale said: “Water from boreholes comes straight from the ground making it 100% fresh and natural, unlike mains water, which is actually 60% recycled wastewater. The government at this critical time need to provide solution to avoid imminent waterborne diseases and other incommunicable diseases among Nigerian populace.

“Borehole allows businesses to thrive as a lot of companies such as farms need water to grow plants and take care of livestock which make a borehole installation a much more affordable option in the long run.

“Government at all levels should consider palliative to Nigeria Drillers in terms of support to their businesses. As this much needed support at this critical time will augment the cost of drilling driving non affordability of water for either consumption or all season farming.


“Imaging cost of drilling has risen from what it used to be to like 40% increase. This is really not good for Nigerian Livelihood. My fear for the people in the rural area is not even as scared as those in the urban city.


“Almost 79% of government infrastructure ceases to function one month after commissioning. Why is privately owned water infrastructure working and those belonging to government are not working.

“It’s not going to be business as usual where borehole contracts are awarded to non professionals. Palliative will go down the drain and in the pocket of the unqualified company or individual consultant.


“Proper monitory will henceforth be adequately applied with the use of technology of our trace and track  monitoring device”, Ale revealed.


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