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The senator for Oyo South Senatorial district, Dr Mohammed Kola Balogun was caught on hot mic during Fresh FM’s Covid 19 situation room on Thursday 4th June, 2020 and I have heard and read many reactions to the incident and would want to set the record straight:

WHAT IS HOT MIC: a situation where a microphone that is turned on (either at event or studio), amplifies or broadcasts a spoken remark that was intended to be private.

IT WAS HOT MIC, NOT INTENTIONAL: Senator forgot that was the Situation room hour when he called to congratulate Mayor Isaac Brown who had his birthday yesterday. There was no reason to call into a live program but the intention to congratulate the ace presenter is clear.


The Senator was not aware that the Guest, Chairman of Oyo State Park Managers System disciplinary committee was in the studio; Mayor Isaac Brown called his attention to it and had to say it more than once before the Senator understood Auxiliary is with Mayor in the Studio. Well, that Mayor and Auxiliary are in the studio doesn’t mean they are live.

HAILING AUXILIARY: The distinguished Senator commended the Chairman of the disciplinary committee of the PMS for defending the Governor and the party in an interview he had recently and we are not sorry about that because what Mr Mukaila also known as Auxilliary, an appointee of the state government did was truly commendable.

ON REFERENCE TO A THIRD PARTY: Senator Kola Balogun did not mention a particular name for the adjectives he used to describe the bearer but if he (the bearer) has unwittingly ascribed it to himself, we can’t say he is not what he calls himself. What Senator Kola Balogun meant is that such unscrupulous element is not a good representation of his true people who are hardworking men of integrity.. Though it was not meant to be live, distinguished Senator Kola Balogun has not said anything he can’t say to the bearer’s face, if needs be.

ON ISSUE OF IJESHA; The distinguished Senator has affinity for Ijeshas and other non-Ibadan people and would never hold them in contempt, not even privately, talkless of doing so on live program. Ijesha people work for what they earn and are of impeccable integrity. The program host is an Ijesha man and Senator’s partner and closest ally, with whom he owe many strides in this journey apart from Almighty God is also a proud Ijesha man too. That the bearer is not a good representation of these great people stands, though he would not have intended that for a live program.

I know the Senator would not want to glorify these people with any response but there is need to set the record straight. We can still remember the roles they played during the last elections and how they worked against the same party they now claim to love so much. These are not the kind of persons who will tell the people if someone deserves to be Senator or not, we know their antecedents. We know how they met with opposition candidate, collected gratifications and declared the public should not vote for Senator Kola Balogun. That I was worried about this development then is an understatement but Senator Balogun insisted no one should respond to it; that God would do what He plans to do and indeed, God distinguished Senator Kola Balogun with His grace and disgraced his distractors completely, even legally, to the Supreme Court. When God says yes, nobody can say no.

ON AUXILIARY: The Chairman of the park manager’s disciplinary committee is has the prerogative to declare his loyalty and defend someone whom he publicly affirmed has reformed him. Personally, respect Auxiliary more after hearing him speak on the program; he made very good clarification to the best of his understanding.

Our indefatigable leader and the Governor of Oyo State would attend to any party member who feels disenfranchised but how and when he intends to achieve that is not for the public; we shouldn’t spread our linen (if at all dirty) in the Sun. We are party loyalists and it’s different from just being party members.

The commitment of Senator Kola Balogun to the good people of Oyo South is sacrosanct and we can’t be distracted by any one.

Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson is a Media Aide to Senator Kola Balogun



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