Reminiscences of my Relationship with Kehinde Ayoola |By Prince Adetayo Adekunle


Thomas Campbell probably had Rt. Hon. Kehinde Ayoola in mind when he submitted that “to live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die”.

One may also not be wrong to have concluded that Hon. Ayoola imbibed the famous dictum of Albert Pike “what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal” as his guiding principle.

In my tribute titled Kehinde Ayoola: Like a Candle in the Wind which was published by many media outlets on Friday May 15, 2020, I noted that it will be impossible to document what transpired between the late Kehinde Ayoola and I in a single writeup.

Now let’s go down the memory lane for some reminiscences.

When the Oyo State Government appointed me as Asoju Odo (Youth Representative) on May 7, 2014, I went to see him at Omi Titun Office immediately and showed him the appointment letter.

I informed him that on moral grounds, I won’t be able to join the Omi Titun campaign structure to work against Gov Abiola Ajimobi/APC who gave me the role. I submitted that such act would be morally reprehensible but I appealed that he shouldn’t allow that to draw a wedge in our relationship.

Hon. Ayoola’s response was that “this is a very bitter pill to swallow but I concur with your decision. May the Lord be with you”.

A few months after this development, I introduced a monarch who had financial challenges to him and pleaded for his kind assistance.

To cut the long story short, Rt. Hon. Kehinde Ayoola facilitated the gift of a Toyota Salon car and cash from Engineer Seyi Makinde for the distressed monarch.

That singular intervention was the icing on the cake for the embattled monarch.

Such was the kindheartedness of the deceased. Goodnight Uncle!

Prince Adetayo Adekunle, M.SC, MCPA is a an Ibadan-baded public affairs commentator


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