Segun Adeniyi Seeks End to Illegal Migration in Nigeria



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The author of the book ‘From Frying Pan to Fire’, Mr. Olusegun Adeniyi has said that concerted efforts are needed to end the menace of illegal migration in Nigeria.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Adeniyi stated this in Ibadan on Saturday at the Book Reading event organized by the Booksellers Limited.

Adeniyi said it is crucial for stakeholders and individuals to seek veritable means of addressing the issue.

“I saw the gravity of the challenge of illegal migration in Mali and as a father it is not a kind of thing I want for my children.

“And that is the way everyone should face this issue.

“Europe is talking about the problem in Africa but African leaders don’t even care; for me this is an issue that merit an African Union conference.

“The only government tackling the issue in Nigeria is the Edo State government because they know they have a challenge at hand and so they have stopped living in denial especially in Benin.

“But gradually the problem is shifting to other parts of the country like Oyo, Kwara, Benue and Cross Rivers States.”

Adeniyi who is also the Chairman of ThisDay Editorial Board advocated for restoration of morals and values in the younger generation.

Also Mr Foluso Akintola, the Head of Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labour Nigerian Immigration Oyo state command stated that the phenomenon of human trafficking in Nigeria is a big illegal criminal business.

“Occurrences of these businesses are more prominent in Oyo, Edo and Delta States.

“The immigration service in Oyo State has rescued several children of ages 6 to 10 years; these are gross minors while many minors of less than 18 years old have been rescued in Ibadan and environs.

“In the first quarter of 2019 between January and May 28 victims have been rescued, 8 traffickers with 12 end-users arrested,” Akintola said.

However, Mrs Oyindamola Bamgbose, the State Coordinator National Human Rights Commission Oyo State emphasized development of human and ensuring their rights as the way out of illegal migration as well as trafficking.

“The book ‘From Frying Pan to Fire’ is very educational with well grounded research, it highlights the arrowing experience of illegal migration.

“The question then arises, why do people put themselves through gruesome journeys that often violates their rights to life and subject them to inhuman as well as negative treatment especially slavery?

“The answer lies in human development and ensuring equality for all because abject poverty and inequality undermine human rights.”

Earlier in his address, Dr Kolade Mosuro, Chief Executive Officer of the Booksellers Limited said the issue of illegal migration affects all and sundry even the legal migrants hence the need to find lasting solution to the problem.



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