Tola Adeniyi, a Legend turns 75, Plans for 75,000 guests


By Peter Adegbola

The value of a man’s existence is not only in the abundance of his possession or knowledge but much more in his contribution to the development of human existence.

Akogun Tola Adeniyi, a Media guru, celebrated Columnist and philospoher is a rare gem: treasure with indelible value, a priceless jewel and an asset to this generation.

Popularly called AbaĀ Saheed, Ā his pen name during the military hey days, Adeniyi is an ocean of intellect, encyclopaedia of unprinted words and a rabbi of the confused.Ā He has imprinted his foot on the sand of time.

Words are not enough to express how happy the world is because Adeniyi is celebrating another milestone on the surface of the earth.

At Pacesetter News , we say with much honour that Akogun is invaluable to the universe.

In his message to friends and well wishes, Adeniyi wrote, “Officially, I will be 75 on the 29th of May and I have a special reason to be grateful to Olodumare, Adiitu, the Inscrutable; genderless, limitless, borderless, invincible, all seeing, all knowing…

“Last year, I spent my birthday in an intensive care unit in a specialist hospital in Canada. Today, I am in robust health, even though locked down and locked up by handlers of Nigeria’s Covid 419.

“I had planned for a virtual party for 75,000 Zoom guests but within this one week, I lost a dear Uncle , Alhaji (Dr.) Adebayo Adetunji 88, who was like a father to me, and another Uncle Chief Mobolanle Ajomale 89, an Uncle in-law who was also like a father to me.

“I will therefore limit myself to 7,500 guests to be lavishly feasted with virtual food, wine and cake.

“Join me in the thanksgiving to the Almighty while you send your cakes, cards and cars and cash, turkey and goat via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc. And pray with me for longer life, continued contented living and sound mind in sound body and of course with Gemini ageless vivaciousness,” Adeniyi stated.

AtĀ Pacesetter News, we say: “May the rest of your life be the best of your existence on earth, and you will never know a better yesterday.

Wishing you longevity and prosperity sir.

Happy birthday to a pen pusher who has proven times without number that pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Congratulations Aba Saheed…


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