Viral Video: Satguru Maharaj Ji Reacts, Cautions Pastor Adeboye


The Living Perfect Master and founder of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has thrown His weight behind a woman in a viral video asking the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A. Adeboye, to stop deceiving Nigerians and his church members.

The Living Perfect Master warned the RCCG’s General Overseer to stop instilling fears in Nigerians through his deceptive prayers.

He declared that for about forty years that Adeboye has been praying for Nigeria, God has not revealed to him the cause of Nigeria’s problem.

Maharaj Ji noted that Adeboye contributed to the economic hardship facing Nigerians, especially his church members and followers.

He maintained that the man of God has continued the economic exploitation of his church members, instead of bringing succor to them in this time of economic crisis.

Maharaj Ji posited that Pastor Adeboye and his family members are living in affluence while his church members and other Nigerians are facing economic hardship.

His words: “Pastor Adeboye is just deceiving Nigerians and his church members with his prayers. He is just instilling fears in them. Adeboye and his family members are not tasting the economic hardship other Nigerians, including his church members are facing.

“His children, Leke and other siblings, are living in abundance, they are not suffering like other Nigerians. His daughter living in America with her husband pastoring a very big Redeemed Church are living in a big mansion in America.

“His mansion in Ifewara, Mount Carmel, many years ago, a room in that big edifice was N20,000 per night, but now it must have increased more than that. He has a private jet and many people donating money and other material things to him”.

“Adeboye knows how he gets his money. He move from one government house to another; he moves from one Senators house to another. Stop deceiving Nigerians. You’re not feeling the hardship at all.

“You have brainwashed Nigerians and members of your church for many years now. Nigerians are wiser now. Stop your deceptive prayers.

“How many Nigerians or your church members can attend Redeemed secondary, and university? And you’re saying God should hear Nigeria prayer, which prayer? When you’re one of those that lead the country to this point Nigerians are witnessing today.

“Adeboye your deceptive prayer is enough. Enough is enough!

“Religious doctrines in its contradictions and contra-indications in providing solutions to man’s soul-saving needs, teach unacceptable anti-natural dualities.

“Islam and Christianity have remained, till today, the leading institutional barricades between Black and the Light! They speak about the existence of the Creator to the Black man but have never been able to show the Creator to him! The Black is now a devout Muslim, who spends an enormous amount of cash on pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia for divine blessings, yet he is the poorest man in the world! He fasts and prays consistently, yet he is besieged by conflicts! Has the Creator forsaken him? Is the Black man jinxed by nature? How come he has so much wealth in his territory and still goes cap-in-hand begging for alms? What has been happening?

“Deceit! Black man has been a victim of religious deceit and spiritual manipulation for many centuries! So, Adeboye stop deceiving Nigerians and some of the brainwashed members of your church.

“Every good Nigerian would realize that religion was used to kill us otherwise Moses they say used a stick to strike the river and the river was divided into two, can’t the Palestinians use the same stick? It’s not happening because the whole scripture is a scam.

“Does Adeboye watch television at all? If yes, does he see the of immoralities going on in the country? Most ladies have turned to prostitutes so as to take care of themselves and the family.

“As the 6th richest Pastor in the world, what are you doing about it? You say you are preaching prosperity, yet your church members are wallowing in abject poverty because they are being syphoned of their hard-earned money.

“Most of our youths are trying to travel through land borders between Morrocco, Libya so as to gain access to the western country, what are you doing to stop this as a Pastor?

“Nigerians are beginning to know that church is now a business center and a scam.

“Pastor Adeboye please thread softly, softly because enough is enough. Release my children to me now in all your branches all over the world. They’re my children. Stop deceiving them. I have come to give them back their lifes. When their life there’s hope.

“There are millions of scientists around you that have been turned to ordinary log of woods. Release my children now. My Love and Blessings.”


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