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“Yoruba Sovereignty is Non-Negotiable, on Course and Irreversible” says YGA

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Yoruba Global Alliance, a leading Self Determination Organization with allies in 133 countries across the world has admonished the Yoruba people currently tied down in Nigeria not to panic in the face of the programmed onslaught by marauders waging war against the whole of Nigeria.

In a strongly worded press statement by Veteran International Journalist and Chairman of Council of the Organization, Akogun Tola Adeniyi, Yoruba Global Alliance assures the Yoruba Nation that their goal of Yoruba Sovereignty is not negotiable, on course and irreversible. The statement, endorsed by the founding fathers of the YGA, assures the entire Yoruba race that efforts by YG, our allies and other several Self Determination groups were on to ward off every threat to the corporate existence of the Yoruba.

“We are not a nation of cowards. And even though our civilization and enlightened worldview have imbued us with unique Omoluwabi tenets which accord love and accommodation to all human beings, we nonetheless believe that it’s only human beings who should be treated as human beings while animals are animals.”

“We want to assure our Yoruba compatriots that we are working, but quietly, strategically and tactically just like the masterminds behind those devouring Nigeria have remained anonymous without vainglorious and attention-seeking noisemaking. Yoruba fighting forces, like in the tradition of soldiers all over the world are the ones who should do the chest beating to showcase their conquests.

“We are convinced that Nigeria is already at war, and we are also not deceived by the shenanigans of those who embrace terrorism and cuddle banditry and seek to impose Stone Age mentality on all those who still erroneously believe there is a country called Nigeria.  Yoruba Global Alliance a.k.a Egbe Ominira sympathizes with our fellow African cousins in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kaduna, Borno and other states north of Rivers Niger and Benue who are being daily plummeted by pampered and officially emboldened terrorists, most of whom were imported into their territorial space by officialdom.

“We are also cognizant of the wicked design of the war mongers to destroy the Eastern and Delta regions of Nigeria with the unrealistic ambition of occupying such fertile lands once the aboriginal owners of the hitherto nation-states are vanquished.

The Yoruba will no longer be deceived by the hypocrisy, insincerity and duplicity of those who are preaching peace with empty rhetoric and dramatized sympathy visits while at the same time turning blind eye to the massive buildup of arms and brutal incursion and invasion of the terrorized people they are preaching peace to. It is disingenuous for those who have cornered all the apparatus of defence and security and who have all the powers to stop the unprovoked plunder of other people’s means of livelihood, to tie down the tiger and hand over its tail to the dog and still preach peace and quiet to the tiger.

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“ Don’t talk peace, stop acts that make peace unattainable.”

“Our hearts go out in sympathy to all members of the Armed Forces and Security Agencies who are confused about the notion of loyalty, either to political party in transient power, to individuals or to the State. We appeal to them to end the confusion today. Nigerian Armed Forces and Security Agencies including the Police belong to the entire country and not to a person, a party or a section of the country. We pity our young men and women who are exposed to danger in discharging their official duties by a State that fails to provide them with modern weapons and logistics.

“Albeit our programmes for eventual realization of our set objectives, achievable through peaceful and diplomatic means, are being pursued vigorously. We have acquired hectares of land in all the Yoruba speaking regions which would be allocated to our youths and those interested in mechanized farming to guarantee food security to our nation. Our teeming unemployed graduates are being contacted with view to empowering them and to also source for grants and educational institutions locally and abroad to compliment the pool of highly trained personnel to enrich our stellar position in 21st century. We have embarked on coordination of various guilds of professionals, tradesmen, marketers and artisans all over the Yoruba nation for enhanced productivity. Our overall goal is to make every Yoruba person gainfully employed, prosperous, secure and happy in robust health.

If small nations like the United Arab Emirates  {UAE} can endeavour to send man to the moon, why not the United Yoruba Kingdoms which is surpassed in population by only 13 countries in the world?

“The Yoruba country is poised to build a nation of equal opportunities, a nation of freedom, responsibility and accountability in the mould of past heroes led by the Honourable Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

“We are able. We are capable. We are richly and eminently endowed. Our rich pedigree assures us that whatever we lay our hands on, we succeed in.

“We therefore call on our people to be strong, bold and resolute. No force on earth can drive us away from our ancestral land. No forces of evil and darkness can chase away our legendary light. In this regard we salute our fighting heroes and commit them to God’s impregnable protection.

“The Nigerian Minister of Defence has publicly declared that their Government cannot defend the land and everybody should resort to self-help and defend themselves. Even the Head of State has given up and resigned the provision of security of lives, limbs and property to Allah! Every Yoruba person therefore should be prepared to defend themselves, in their homes, on their farms, in their places of work, and even on the roads with whatever weapon they know.  Our forefathers did it, and they won. The gun does not shoot, bombs do not throw themselves at people; it is human beings who operate these weapons of mass destruction. Human beings are never beyond control!

“In war time, all sorts of threats and counter threats fly in the air. All kinds of crude and unguarded statements are issued as weapons of propaganda by those bent on breaking your spirit. Please ignore such lies and threats. Fear and panic are designed to make you lose focus and even lose your mind. Let whatever is threatening from the forest come out: it is better to die on our feet than to be killed like a fowl. And we die only once. But because our cause is right and just, we SHALL not die”. All of us shall be alive to partake in the dawn of New Era of peace and plenty in the imminent Yoruba nation.

The statement concludes by advising the Yoruba to shun the often-misguided statement that the Yoruba are not united. “Nothing can be further from the truth. The Yoruba are united in spirit and in the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. The Yoruba are robustly united in the ethos of the Yoruba race and in the belief in freedom, justice and equity. While the routes to the market are many, the Yoruba believe they are united in getting to the market.”

“And because we are philosophical, rational, knowledgeable and united in thought processes, the Yoruba, right from cradle, cannot be united like a flock of sheep or cows under whip-wielding herder.

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