YSO is SA Media, a Dserving Honour! by Akintunde Bello Sheriff 


The news of the appointment of my beloved friend Yso Olaniyi Elodyper meets me with utmost pleasantry and joy of heart. Yso is one very versatile Comrade that some of us have been longing for his placement and deserving occupation. It has finally come and it is lovely in our sights. When we were in the university, Elodyper played his part and that which was enough for the over 20,000 undergaduate population and especially the conscious Students to recognise and feel his existence. We stayed in the trenches together to fight for an egalitarian society.

Relishing your past undertakings, combined with your extraordinary capacity, I have no doubt of mind that Distinguished Senator Oloye Teslim Folarin has indeed done justice by your choice of appointment. Your Principal can go to bed and sleep with his two eyes closed because you are a round peg inside the round hole. I am optimistic that you will bring to bare your latent knowledge and imbued talent of the sophistry of the media, information, and communication sector.

As the Special Adviser on Media to Oloye Teslim Folarin, my take is that I await the unearthing of your successes because to fail is not an option. Our main hope is that the Oloye will create the enable environment for you to operate as well as availing you the free hand to discharge your duties.

Ore, the job of a spokesman is one that I have always wished and still wishing for even amidst my tight occupation. I therefore envy your new status and I pray for strength and wisdom for you. On behalf of all the veterans from our Alma Mater  Lautech and especially its SUG, I Akintunde Bello Sheriff heartily congratulate you.

Realising that you will work for an APC Principal, I am relieved that your previous training in the science and art of the game will help you. Indeed your exposures of the past to conservative orientation which was the DNA of Distinguished Teslim Folarin will help you too.

Unarguably, you have the docile, the wherewithal, energy and experience to function. Go and deliver our own true Patriot, Friend, Brother and Comrade. Much love…


Akintunde Bello Sheriff is the Special Assistant on Youths and Students to Federal Rep. Bamidele Salaam. He’s an activist and freelance journalist from Ede, Osun State 


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