APC is Deceitful, Undemocratic in Candidates’ Selection, Says Temitope ‘Sugar’

“Speech by member representing Lagelu/Akinyele Federal Constituency, Oyo state, Hon. Temitope Olatoye (Sugar) to the Speaker, House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, on his recent experience in the ruling All Progressives Congress ahead of 2019 elections…”
Earlier today, at the plenary of the House of Representatives, the lawmaker representing the good people of Akinyele/Lagelu federal constituency of Oyo State, Hon. (Dr) Olatoye Temitope Sugar officially defected from the All Progressives Congress to the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in a letter addressed to the Speaker of the hallowed chamber,  Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara and dated 4th of October, 2019.
The lawmaker expressed his utmost displeasure with respect to high-handedness of leaders of APC across states which had caused landmark divisions within the rank and file of the party in majority of the states.
Perhaps, Hon Sugar was compelled to have broken the number one rule in the book *”Laws of Power”* authored by the legendary Robert Green which is “Never outshine the master” but there’s exigent need to put the power that be on notice by today’s declaration that the 2019 struggle for the political soul of the pacesetter state is between the established SELECTORATE/GATEKEEPERS, who are unwilling to give up their illegitimate hold unto the levers of power to the detriment of suppressed but patriotic and downtrodden ELECTORATES. The PUSH and PULL variables are at play in our dear Oyo state and loose wires seemed to have connected at last. It is necessary to set the record straight that Hon. Olatoye Sugar is not a test tube baby at anybody’s political laboratory who could be tossed around against the wishes of the generality of the people with whom electoral powers actually  resides.
The generosity of Hon. Sugar’s loyalty, dedication and commitment to worthy  courses of the APC have long been abused with reckless abandon and ineptitude to the voices of the masses whom he represents. As a Federal Representative in the last three and a half years, he has demonstrated that, the general good of the majority of the people should not be sacrificed on the alter of sentimentality and inordinate ambition of the few but by the collective will of the majority which is the foundational frameworks of a modern democracy. The 2019 election is going to be entirely issue driven and all political office seeking individuals should be made to fill in the gaps which are conspicuously vivid to the electorates and must be assessed and rewarded in same manner with the powerful voting thumbs of the masses.
In the words of Albert Einstein, “The world is not dangerous because of those who so harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything”.
Hon. Sugar through a well articulated consultations with constituents and adherents of core values of integrity, honesty,  transparency, rule of law and the dictates of modern democracy within and beyond his constituency therefore decided to migrate from the shrine of intimidation and fear to the alter of political liberation anchored on the Omoluabi values. The time is now when the Bolshevik (majority ) in Oyo State should have their way while the Menshevik (minority) should only have their say as against the erroneous status quo.
In the words of Hon Olatoye Sugar, “In all honesty, I cannot continue to patronize a political party where it’s leadership has deliberately programmed others to be politically anonymous and estranged having worked tirelessly and identified with the masses driven by our direct positive impacts on the socio-economic wellbeing of our people and my conscience will not permit me to sacrifice principles for expediency. I have given substance to true meaning of selfless service for my constituents and beyond”.
To the established SELECTORATES, Hon Olatoye Sugar’s Senatorial aspiration is inconceivable and a political alienation, but we need to put them on notice that this aspiration has become a fate accomplished and inevitable mission being the collective will of people’s interest as a stance against the selectorates’ imperialism and holistic commitment towards achieving total liberation.
Dr Olatunde Amusat,
Senior Special Adviser to
Hon. Olatoye Temitope Sugar on Strategy & Public Communications.


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