Fears Heighten as Makinde Keeps Mum on Identity of Ibadan company with 38 Covid-19 Cases


The Governor of  Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde, on Monday morning tweeted and confirmed eight news cases within the company that has already recorded 30 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, thus bringing the cases to 38 in a single company.

Makinde tweeted, “Also, the COVID-19 confirmation tests for eleven suspected cases came back POSITIVE. Eight of these cases are from the same organisation in Ibadan South West Local Government Area referred to in the update of May 16, 2020. One case is from Oluyole Local Government Area”

However, many residents of the  State took to social media on Sunday morning, demanding why government concealed the identity of the company from the public.

A lawyer in the city, Adetomiwa Fagbenle who spoke to Pacesetter News on phone, on Monday morning, also asked why the government kept sealed lips on the matter.

According to him, “you journalists should please help ask the government why it becomes a crime to tell the truth to the unsuspecting public for them to know if they had, had contacts with the said staffers in recent times.

“Disclosing the identity of such company would avail residents the opportunity of presenting themselves for tests to ascertain if they had been infected one way or the other.

“The figure puts at 30 is a scary one and these individuals also live within us. Imagine the level of community transmission now as we speak?

“The government should however be commended for doing the needful, by shutting down their operations forthwith,” he added.

In his reaction, the Oyo State Secretary (IPAC) Inter-Party Advisory Council Nigeria, Engr. ‘Gbeminiyi Ayodele Michael, said naming the Company will alert those that might have had physical contacts with the staff of the company. “The information will help the unsuspecting individuals to self-isolate and subject themselves for COVID-19 testing” he stressed.

Contrary to the apprehension of the residents over non disclosure of the identity of the said company, Pacesetter News can realiably report that the government keeps it as top secret, to be able to test all staffers who were said to be in excess of 500.

“The company in question runs shifts and it is good that others are allowed to report to duty today, Monday for them to also go for test. If they had told the public, as being requested, many of the staffers would have fled by now and this would not be in the best interest of the mass of our people,” a Governor source retorted.

Meanwhile, a company late Sunday night had issued an internal memo to its staff.

“Good Evening fellow Comrades.

Am sure most of us are aware that some result came out today for some of our members. Some were tested negative while others were tested positive. Testing is still ongoing for the safety of all of us.

Also, the center had been decontaminated today and a feedback will be given to team leads on when agents are to resume.

I want to use this opportunity to inform you all to stop spreading names of those affected to avoid stigmatization. We are all together and this is the time to be our brothers keeper.

It’s better to get tested as soon as possible for the betterment of the people around us and our loved ones. Whether the result is real or not, prevention is better than cure.

Let’s try to minimize the damage already caused and focus on how to come out of it. All staff of Ison will be tested and for those who don’t want to get tested, please, try and consider your family and friends. This is not a death sentence neither is it something that will last forever.

For those names that came out positive, but cant be reached, the state government will have no choice than to come to your house with force and I believed this is what we can avoid for embarrassment sake. And for those already in Isolation center, let us continue to pray for them for a quick recovery.

There are names of agents who also tested negative. Kindly contact the HR to know your status.

On a final note, let’s continue to stay safe and keep a proper hygiene.


Office of the Secretary,
Nupte MTN Ison Xperiences._”

The Pacesetter News understands that the government is acting in the best interests of the residents of the state.


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