Okupe Reveals Drugs taken to Cure COVID-19; Warns Against Self-Medication


FormerĀ Spokesman to formerĀ Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Dr Doyin Okupe, has disclosed drugs used to treat him while in an isolation centre in Ogun State for 20 days.

Okupe and his wife were on the 23rd of April, tested positive to COVID-19 and were moved to isolation facilities in Sagamu on the same day.

The Ogun-born politician gave the update yesterday tweeted via his official account

ā€œMy medications for covid19.
Hydroxychloroquine 400mg 2ce dly for 2days then 400mg dly for 3days.
Azithromycin 500mg fly
Zinc sulphate 100mg dly . VitzC 1200mg dly .
I also supported wt mixture of ginger, garlic, tumeric & lemon. In kaduna they added dongoyaro leaves. No globalā€

He said, ā€œThere is no global consensus among d scientists or medical experts on any one treatment regime. No credible scientific research document is presently available or acceptable 4 treatment of covid19. Key factor is immune status of patience. Boost yr immunity wt known suppliermentdā€

The former presidential aide ended his tweet by warning Nigerians against self-medication, ā€œIf u must take hydroxychloroquine pl speak 2 yr doctor to confirm if u hv any cardiac ARRHYTHMIAS. If u do u need close monitoring b4 embarking on d use of this drugs.90 to 95% of infected patients will go thru even without hospitalization.90%+of young people will survive attackā€


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